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Chase Bliss Condor HiFi – Refined EQ revealed

Chase Bliss Condor HiFi
Chase Bliss Condor HiFi announced by Joel Korte and there is an upgrade path for owners of the original Condor

The guitar pedal landscape welcomes back a familiar face with a fresh twist – the Chase Bliss Condor HiFi. This release marks a notable moment as it revisits the original Condor, an EQ pedal known for its versatility in gain and filtering capabilities, first introduced in 2018. 

Chase Bliss Condor HiFi

Despite its innovative design, the original Condor faced marketing challenges, leading to its discontinuation after a production run of 1,500 units. However, the essence of Condor lived on, influencing subsequent designs like the Preamp MKII, which incorporated its mid-section and introduced an enhanced power supply.

OPA1662 op-amps

Fast forward to today, the Condor HiFi emerges, blending the beloved features of its predecessor with significant upgrades. The new iteration boasts a higher headroom power supply, borrowed from the Preamp MKII, and features the OPA1662 op amps for a lower noise floor and distinct clipping characteristics. This blend of old and new makes the Condor HiFi a must-try for enthusiasts and professionals alike.

Chase Bliss Condor HiFi


With a limited run of 2,000 units, the Condor HiFi aims to satisfy new audiences and loyal fans of the original. The first 1,000 units are ready for immediate purchase, adorned with new artwork and a comprehensive field guide, priced at $399. The remaining 1,000 circuit boards are reserved for a unique upgrade program, allowing original Condor owners to revitalize their pedals with the HiFi enhancements for a nominal fee, including complimentary return shipping worldwide.

The upgrade program, available for a limited three-month window, emphasizes the company’s commitment to its community, offering a tangible connection between past and present designs.

Chase Bliss Condor HiFi

Power Rail Distortion

As for the distinct sonic character of the original Condor, it remains a cherished aspect for some, known for its unique Power Rail Distortion. The Condor HiFi, however, opts for a more conventional clipping approach, broadening its appeal while maintaining a nod to its roots.

Chase Bliss Condor HiFi
Chase Bliss Condor HiFi


Future Upgrades?

Addressing the debate on limited editions, the decision to cap the Condor HiFi production aligns with practical business considerations and demand anticipation. Thankfully, Chase Bliss founder Joel Korte has the foresight to provide upgrades for existing owners. This approach ensures that this special edition meets the market’s needs and allows for a focused and efficient production process.

Chase Bliss Condor HiFi

Looking ahead, the possibility of reviving other discontinued pedals remains open, dependent on community interest and the feasibility of updates. This journey of reintroducing the Condor highlights the continuous evolution of guitar pedals, blending creativity with technological advancements to meet the diverse needs of musicians.

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