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SolidGoldFX AURRAS Optical Vibraphase

SolidGoldFX AURRAS Optical Vibraphase
SolidGoldFX AURRAS Optical Vibraphase offers a unique 2-stage asymmetric phase shifting, Dual LFO Uni-Vibe effect

The SolidGoldFX AURRAS Optical Vibraphase redefines the essence of sonic modulation, blending vintage allure with cutting-edge innovation. This next-gen effects pedal, inspired by the sound deity Aurras and building upon the legacy of the acclaimed Athena Vibraphase, offers a symphony of legendary Uni-Vibe textures and contemporary sonic artistry.


At the heart of the AURRAS lies its unique 2-stage asymmetric phase shifting capability, meticulously engineered around a duo of selectively managed opto-isolators. This setup ensures a pristine signal with minimal distortion and safeguards the audio path from any LFO-induced disturbances, promising an unblemished auditory experience.

Dual LFO

The pedal’s dual LFO system, driven by an advanced microprocessor, unlocks endless aural possibilities. Whether channelling the iconic vibes of “Band of Gypsys” or “The Dark Side of the Moon,” the AURRAS delivers the rich, immersive modulation and dynamic pulse that has become synonymous with rock and roll’s golden era.

SolidGoldFX AURRAS Optical Vibraphase
SolidGoldFX AURRAS Optical Vibraphase

Key Features:

– Optical Phase-Shifter pedal, ensuring a 100% analogue signal flow for authentic, warm tones.
– Innovative 2-stage asymmetric phase shifting, powered by individually controllable opto-isolators for unparalleled clarity.
– Flexible Dry Mix control, enabling a spectrum of sounds from subtle vibrato to deep, Uni-Vibe-like effects.
Microprocessor-driven dual LFO setup, offering expansive sonic versatility and creativity.
– Two distinct modes – Frequency Offset for adding rhythmic variations and Phase Offset for adjusting LFO asymmetry, enhancing the pedal’s versatility.
– Convenient onboard features like tap tempo, speed ramping, and expression pedal compatibility for real-time control.
– Reliable, soft-touch, relay-based true bypass switching for preserving signal integrity.
– Crafted in Montreal, Canada, ensuring premium quality and craftsmanship.
– Requires a standard 9V DC power supply, ensuring easy integration into existing setups.

SolidGoldFX AURRAS Optical Vibraphase pedal

Digital Control & Analog Heart

With its sophisticated digital controls wrapped in an all-analogue signal path, the AURRAS transcends traditional boundaries, offering a lush, fluid soundscape. From the adjustable dry mix to the nuanced Speed, Depth, and Level controls, this pedal invites players to explore new sonic territories.

The AURRAS’s innovative use of dual, independent LFOs, each paired with an opto-isolator, sets it apart from conventional modulation pedals. This unique feature allows for a rich array of effects by varying the LFOs’ symmetry, further expanded by the OFFSET ADJ and MODE knobs for customizing the effect’s intensity and character.

MSRP – $209/£189

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