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Line 6 POD Express: Studio-Quality Tone On the Go

Line 6 Unveils POD Express POD Express, Line 6, guitar effects, bass effects, portable amp, HX modeling
Tired of lugging heavy amps and pedals? Line 6's POD Express puts incredible, pro-level guitar and bass tones right in your pocket.

Line 6, the renowned name behind the acclaimed HX line of processors, has just released POD Express – a compact powerhouse putting professional-grade guitar and bass tones directly into your backpack. This travel-ready amp and effects unit is remarkably intuitive sounds phenomenal and is jam-packed with features every player will love.

Line 6 Unveils POD Express

Available as the ultra-portable POD Express Guitar amp and the POD Express Bass amp. Each is designed to offer a wealth of great tunes in a compact format. They offer musicians Line 6 high-quality guitar and bass effects, plus a portable amp solution with built-in HX modeling.

Key Features

  • Exceptional Tonecraft: POD Express leverages modeling technology from the award-winning HX family, delivering studio-worthy guitar and bass sounds in a tiny package.
  • Ultimate Portability: Ditch the bulky gear! POD Express is powered by batteries and designed to go wherever your music takes you.
  • Essential Effects: Explore seven amps, cabs, 17 effects, and a built-in looper to take your creativity to the next level.
  • Flexibility: Stereo outputs, tap tempo, a built-in tuner, noise gate, headphone output, and USB-C audio interface offer complete connectivity.
  • Expression and Control: Add an optional expression pedal to control volume seamlessly and up to two footswitches for hands-free patch changes and effect control.

POD Express for Guitarists:

Guitarists will appreciate the POD Express’s ease of use and authentic amp tones covering everything from pristine cleans to high-gain saturation.

Line 6 Unveils POD Express
Line 6 Unveils POD Express

POD Express for Bassists:

Bassists will find POD Express a powerful practice tool and a way to dial in tones to take their playing to new heights.

POD Express Bass amp POD Express, Line 6, guitar effects, bass effects, portable amp, HX modeling
POD Express Bass amp

Battery Power and more

  •  Powered by 3 AA batteries or an optional 9-volt power supply
  • Stereo Main outputs and stereo headphone output
  • USB-C audio interface for recording, monitoring, and re-amping
  • Connect an optional expression pedal or two external footswitches
Line 6 Unveils POD Express POD Express, Line 6, guitar effects, bass effects, portable amp, HX modeling
Line 6 POD Express


These new POD Express amps look like a winner for any guitar or bass player on the move; with all those guitar effects and HX modeling, these could be an excellent solution for many players.

The price point is reasonable, and they are feature-packed for the money. They are both available to order from Thomann today.


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