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Boost & Distort Guitar or Bass with Battery-Free Black Ice Modules

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Upgrade your guitar/bass tone with Black Ice Boost and Distort – battery-free modules for flexible boost, overdrive, and more

Black Ice Enterprises unveils its new Black Ice Boost and Black Ice Distort modules, compact and completely battery-free upgrades that inject new life into any guitar or bass. These modules offer flexible volume-boosting and overdrive options perfect for guitarists and bassists seeking expanded tonal palettes.

Black Ice Modules

Both are passive, so they do not require a battery to power them. The small Black Ice Boost module is approximately 2/3 the size of a 9v battery, requiring no routing; the Distort is even smaller.

Black Ice Boost

  • What is it? It’s a versatile boost module offering up to 7 dB of midrange-focused gain. It fattens up single-coil pickups for a humbucker-like punch and is also great for beefing up other pickup styles.
  • Key selling points: Simple installation without permanent modifications, two selectable boost levels, transforms the tone of various pickup styles.
  • Pricing: SRP: $119.95; MAP, $79.95

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Black Ice Distort

  • What is it? An overdrive module with a wide range, from subtle grit to roaring ’60s-era fuzz. Bass players will love its raw, dirty tone.
  • Key selling points: Tiny footprint, a lifetime of battery-free operation, versatile wiring options for easy control customization.
  • Pricing: SRP: $27.95; MAP, $21.95

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Simple Upgrade

  • Convenience: No batteries to replace, always-on tone shaping.
  • Tone Exploration: Expand your sonic range with easy-to-use modules.
  • Affordable: Pro-level tone shaping at budget-friendly prices.
Wiring Diagram – This is just one of several ways to set up this passive boost

Guitar Bomb Verdict

The Boost and Distort offer a simple way to add extra guitar or bass effects to your instrument. Being battery-free is undoubtedly a bonus; they can be installed together if needed. Several wiring options also allow added switching options for more control over the overdrive and boost.

However, Black Ice products are incompatible with battery-powered active pickups so they won’t work for everyone. If you are happy wielding a soldering iron, they might be an easy modification for your guitar or bass.

Learn more and explore the potential of Black Ice Boost and Distort at

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