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Death By Audio Reissues Octave Clang Pedal with Added Features

Death By Audio Octave Clang fuzz pedal distortion pedal octave pedal guitar effects
Death By Audio revives its infamous Octave Clang! This pedal isn't your ordinary fuzz – expect ring modulation, octave-up madness, and beautifully chaotic tones.

Could the Death By Audio Octave Clang V2 be the fuzz you have been looking for? The beloved pseudo-ring/distortion/noise/octave pedal is back with greater versatility and control.

Death By Audio Octave Clang

If raw, chaotic fuzz tones are your thing, get ready: Death By Audio has reissued its legendary Octave Clang pedal. This newly updated version delivers the same signature mangled octave-up soundscape with expanded controls and features, making it even more usable for players seeking sonic mayhem.

“Use this pedal as a great distortion pedal with the octave off,” says Death By Audio, “then kick on the octave to bring down the house.”

Death By Audio Octave Clang fuzz pedal distortion pedal octave pedal guitar effects
Octave Clang V2

Fuzz pedal? Octave pedal?

  • What is it? It is a unique effect that combines distortion, ring modulation, and octave-up effects. DBA utilizes a mystery transformer and precision-matched diodes to create a rich and chaotic sound.
  • Why is it so special? It excels at single-note leads and complex chords, mangling your signal in thrilling ways that other fuzz/octave pedals struggle to replicate.

New Features in Version 2:

    • Dedicated footswitch to engage/disengage octave effect.
    • Extended volume range (whisper quiet to ear-splitting loud).
    • Pre-gain tone circuit with tilt EQ for additional tone sculpting.
    • Up to +39dB of gain boost.
    • Internal bias control to mis-bias the distortion circuit for rougher textures.

Death By Audio Octave Clang fuzz pedal distortion pedal octave pedal guitar effects


Learn more about the Octave Clang V2 and preorder yours directly from Death By Audio’s website today. The pedal is due for release on 14 March.

MSRP – $225

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Available at Thomann

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