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The Stratocaster Turns 70: How It Changed Music Forever

The Stratocaster Turns 70- How It Changed Music Forever 1954 Leo Fender Jimi Hendrix
Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughan, and You? Why the Stratocaster is THE Guitar. As Fender Celebrates 70 Years of the Iconic Stratocaster

The Stratocaster Turns 70! Fender is marking a significant milestone, celebrating the 70th Anniversary of its legendary Stratocaster guitar. This year-long celebration honors the guitar, which has become a staple in music history and is known for its unique design and versatile sound. The Stratocaster is the most played and beloved guitar model and a symbol of musical innovation.

The Stratocaster Turns 70

Fender is releasing seven new Stratocaster models to commemorate this special anniversary, including two classic designs in the famous 2-Color Sunburst finish and five limited edition anniversary models. Following on from the first wave at the end of the last year.

70th Anniversary American Vintage II 1954 Stratocaster
70th Anniversary American Vintage II 1954 Stratocaster

Leo’s Legacy

These guitars are a nod to the Stratocaster’s enduring legacy and Fender’s ongoing commitment to innovation, catering to vintage enthusiasts and modern players.


The Stratocaster debuted in 1954 and quickly became a game-changer in the music world, favored by legendary artists like Jimi Hendrix, Bob Dylan, and George Harrison. Its distinctive design, featuring a three-pickup setup and a user-friendly tremolo bridge, set a new standard in electric guitar manufacturing.

70th Anniversary Player Stratocaster Nebula Noir
70th Anniversary Player Stratocaster Nebula Noir

Jimi Hendrix and the Power of the Strat

Jimi Hendrix took the world by storm, and his signature off-white Stratocaster became an extension of his soul, expressing his raw emotion and otherworldly creativity. “[The Strat] was the tool that helped me find the sounds in my head,” he said.

This year’s celebration is about looking back and paying tribute to the Stratocaster’s influence on contemporary music. Artists such as Mateus Asato, Tyler Bryant, and Tom Morello are joining the celebration, showcasing the guitar’s impact across various music genres and generations.

Limited Edition 70th Anniversary Stratocaster 70th Anniversary American Ultra Stratocaster HSS
70th Anniversary American Ultra Stratocaster HSS

Year of the Stratocaster

Fender’s “Year of the Stratocaster” campaign will feature content pieces, including hero films and artist stories, emphasizing the Strat’s role in shaping musical history. Additionally, the company is hosting a “Show Us Your Strat” giveaway, inviting the community to share their Strat stories to win one of the 70th Anniversary models.

Coming Soon

The 70th Anniversary Vintera II Antigua Stratocaster has been revealed on Fender’s site but is currently unavailable. With a release date of April, it’s not long to wait.

70th Anniversary Vintera II Antigua Stratocaster
70th Anniversary Vintera II Antigua Stratocaster


70th Anniversary Models available at Thomann

More Details

Check out the main Fender website for more information on the 70th Anniversary Stratocaster models and the celebration. We expect more models to be announced, so stay tuned.

More Information

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