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Buzzing Bugs Audio Devices Unveils BB04 Full Range Drive Overdrive Pedal

Buzzing Bugs Audio Devices Unveils the Versatile BB04 Full Range Drive Overdrive Pedal
Buzzing Bugs Audio Devices BB04 Full Range Drive is a saturated and non-transparent overdrive pedal inspired by two iconic blues pedals.

Buzzing Bugs Audio Devices has expanded its collection of innovative effects pedals with the BB04 Full Range Drive. A powerhouse of overdrive tones, this pedal is designed to deliver everything from subtle bluesy grit to roaring distortion.

Buzzing Bugs Audio Devices

Buzzing Bugs Audio Devices, based in Truro, Cornwall, UK, builds exceptionally well-respected effect pedals. The company soft-launched its latest design, the BB04 Full Range Drive, at The Guitar Show 2024, where it made a massive hit with the crowds of guitar tone chasers.

If you want to check them out in person, you can also find them this month at the Cornish Guitar Expo and Market at Fish Factory Arts on 23rd March. This event will also feature brands, including Horrothia Effects, Waring Amplification, Everybody Hertz, Emmergy FX, Seth Baccus Guitars, and Gray Guitars.

Buzzing Bugs Audio Devices
BB04 Full Range Drive Overdrive

Blues Saturation

The BB04 Full Range Drive Overdrive offers a saturated and non-transparent overdrive inspired by the essence of two iconic “blues” pedals. This pedal delivers expansive headroom and features four op-amp gain stages, while the soft clipping saturates the signal without aggressively compressing it.

Key Features of the Buzzing Bugs BB04 Full Range Drive

  • Inspired by Classic Blues Overdrives: Captures the spirit of legendary overdrive circuits.
  • Four Op-Amp Gain Stages: Offers vast headroom and dynamic response.
  • Soft Clipping: Adds natural warmth and compression.
  • Unique BODY Switch: This switch effortlessly transforms the EQ profile for thicker or thinner sounds and provides a perceived gain boost.
  • Versatile TONE and GAIN Controls: Fine-tune your overdrive from a subtle edge-of-breakup to full-bodied distortion.
  • Durable Construction: Robust, pedalboard-friendly design with tactile gloss artwork.
Buzzing Bugs BB04 Full Range Drive
Buzzing Bugs BB04 Full Range Drive

Why the BB04 is Called “Full Range”

The BB04’s unique BODY switch unlocks two distinct tonal ranges, making it remarkably versatile. This feature allows you to sculpt a wide spectrum of overdrive flavours to suit your playing style and guitar.


  • GAIN: Adjusts the voltage for more or less overdrive.
  • TONE: Interacts dynamically with GAIN and BODY for precision sound shaping.
  • BODY:  Changes the parameter of the EQ, thinning or thickening the tone
  • VOL: Sets the pedal’s overall output level.

Additional Features

  • True Bypass Switching
  • Diecast Metal Enclosure
  • Top-Mounted Jacks

Pricing and Availability

The Buzzing Bugs Audio Devices BB04 Full Range Drive is priced at £129.00 and is available now.

Guitar Bomb Verdict

Buzzing Bugs Audio Devices is a brand that should be on your radar, especially if you appreciate great tone backed up by high-quality work. This new BB04 Full Range Drive puts many prominent brands to shame, and the price point will also win them many fans.

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