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Did an Adam Jones Mesa Boogie signature amp just get teased?

Instagram Did an Adam Jones Mesa Boogie signature map just get teased? Tool
Has Gibson CEO Cesar Gueikian just teased a new Adam Jones Mesa Boogie amp? Or is it coincidence that Cesar's 1979 Silverburst is pictured with it?

Did an Adam Jones Mesa Boogie signature map just get teased? Eagle-eyed followers of Gibson CEO Cesar Gueikian may have spotted a potential prototype signature amp for Tool guitarist Adam Jones. 

Did an Adam Jones Mesa Boogie signature amp just get teased?

Cesar Gueikian has just posted some images of his recent acquisition of an old Gibson Les Paul Custom Silverburst model—a great Norlin-era guitar often associated with Adam Jones of Tool.

Below is the announcement from Cesar;

New addition to the family! Personal collection 1979 Les Paul Custom Silverburst coming in at 12 lbs #gibson#lespaul #DES #doepicshit @gibsonguitar @mesaengineering@adamjones_tv @toolmusic
📷 @mitchgconrad

Did an Adam Jones Mesa Boogie signature map just get teased?

Triple Rectifier Prototype

This Silverburst Custom happens to be leaning against what appears to be a two-channel Mesa/Boogie amp with a handwritten control panel. Since Cesar is Gibson’s CEO (and they now own Mesa) and loves to tease future releases via his social media accounts, many keen-eyed Instagram followers have suggested that this could be the prototype of a new Adam Jones signature amp head.

Gueikian posted the amp in the past and stated it was a two-channel Triple Rectifier Prototype clone of Adam’s original amp.

Previous Post by Cesar Gueikian Did an Adam Jones Mesa Boogie signature amp just get teased
The same amp?

Sound Like Adam Jones Video

This is in addition to last week’s Gibson Gear Guide YouTube video lesson, The ONE Adam Jones (TOOL) Technique That Makes Him GREAT—Sound Like Adam Jones. In that video, they use a Mesa Boogie to emulate Adam’s tone with Tool.

Putting two and two together suggests a potential new signature model amp could be on the horizon.

Handwritten control panel prototype
Handwritten control panel prototype

Adam Jones Amps

Jones uses a Marshall Super Bass and Diezel VH4 100-watt Blueface heads in his setup, which he typically pairs with Mesa Boogie 4×12 guitar cabinets. He also uses Mesa Boogie amp heads and is associated with Riveria amps. However, he now has several Gibson and Epiphone signature guitars, including the Gibson Custom Shop Flying V and the recent Epiphone 1979 Silverburst Les Paul Custom.

Therefore, partnering with Mesa Boogie to create a signature model makes sense.

Of course, this is all just speculation.

We will update you if any more news breaks on this potential release.

Adam Jones models available at Thomann

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