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Line 6 Catalyst CX: Affordable Digital Amps Get Helix Upgrade

Line 6 unveils the Catalyst CX
The popular Line 6 Catalyst series gets a massive Helix-powered upgrade! The Catalyst CX amps bring 12 pro-level amp voicings, 24 onboard effects, and traditional amp-like controls to the table – all at a price that won't break the bank.

Line 6 Catalyst CX: Affordable Digital Amps Get Helix Upgrade – 12 Amp Voicings, 24 Effects, and Classic Controls. They follow the recent announcement of the Line 6 POS Express pedals, which are part of the same Helix family of products,

Line 6 Catalyst CX

Line 6 substantially upgrades their popular Catalyst series with the new Catalyst CX. This powerful yet affordable line of digital guitar amps boasts a massive expansion in amp voicings—doubling from six to twelve—all powered by the company’s acclaimed Helix modelling technology. Players get 24 onboard effects and traditional amp-like controls for intuitive tone shaping.

Available as the CX 200, CX 100, and CX 60 combo models. The Catalyst CX 200 is a 200-watt dual-channel 2×12 combo, the Catalyst CX 100 is a 100-watt dual-channel 1×12 combo, and the Catalyst CX 60 is a 60-watt dual-channel 1×12 combo.

Line 6 Catalyst CX
Line 6 Catalyst CX

Ease of Use

Forget complex menus! The Catalyst CX is designed to feel instantly familiar with knobs for gain, EQ, presence, and volume. From pristine cleans to modern high-gain saturation, the Catalyst CX covers all the bases. Each of the 12 amp voicings offers a custom-matched boost for even more sonic flexibility.

Detailed Breakdown

  • Familiar Feel, Modern Power: The Catalyst CX series emphasizes an instantly familiar playing experience. Traditional controls like Gain, EQ, Presence, and Volume make it easy for even experienced tube amp players to dial in great tones. However, the real power lies in its expanded selection of 12 amp voicings based on Line 6’s pro-level Helix technology.
  • Amp Voicings for Every Style: Name the style, and the Catalyst CX likely has it covered. Explore pristine cleans, boutique-inspired tones, classic chime, gritty crunch, dynamic response amps, and searing high-gain monsters. Each voicing even has a custom-matched Boost circuit for further tonal flexibility.
  • Effects Arsenal: Complement your core tones with 24 high-quality effects from the Helix family. Experiment with delays, modulation, pitch shifting, filters, and lush reverbs. Flexible routing allows for pre- or post-amp effect placement.
  • Connectivity & Features: Effects loop, XLR output for recording or live use, power amp input, MIDI, and USB connectivity round out the Catalyst CX’s features. Plus, power scaling means you can get cranked tones at bedroom-friendly volumes.
  • Pricing & Availability: The Catalyst CX amps come in 200-watt, 100-watt, and 60-watt versions. Pricing remains very competitive, making them a great choice for budget-minded players seeking serious tonal firepower.


Gig Ready, Studio Ready

Live players and recording enthusiasts will appreciate the Catalyst CX’s connectivity. Shape your sound with the effects loop, send your signal directly to the board via the XLR out, or use the power amp input on those nights you want to leave your pedalboard at home.

Wallet-Friendly Power

Line 6 keeps the Catalyst CX series budget-friendly without sacrificing features. Explore 200-watt, 100-watt, and 60-watt options to find the perfect fit for your needs.

MSRP – CX 200 is $499; the CX 100 is $399; and the CX 60 is $299

Free Catalyst 2.0 firmware

Already own a first-generation Catalyst?

Download and install the FREE Catalyst 2.0 firmware update for the six additional amps and effects capabilities! This significant update will give you more tones and can be applied to any original model.

New Line 6 Catalyst CX available at Thomann

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