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Fender Japan Hybrid II: Classic Style, Modern Versatility (with Quilted Maple Options!)

Fender Japan Hybrid II- Classic Style, Modern Versatility (with Quilted Maple Options!)
Fender Japan's Hybrid II series delivers the perfect blend of vintage style and modern playability. Explore quilted maple models, humbucker options, and premium components

Fender Japan Hybrid II series delivers classic guitar and bass designs with modern features and eye-catching looks. The 2024 lineup expands with stunning quilted maple options, new pickup configurations, and upgraded components.

Fender Japan Hybrid II

 Fender Japan enjoys a devoted following thanks to its innovative twists on legendary Fender designs. The Hybrid II series embodies this spirit of blending vintage aesthetics with contemporary performance.

Fender Japan Hybrid II- Classic Style, Modern Versatility (with Quilted Maple Options!)
Quilted Maple
Red Beryl Jazzmaster Fender Japan Hybrid II- Classic Style, Modern Versatility (with Quilted Maple Options!)
Red Beryl

2024 Hybrid II Highlights

The 2024 Hybrid II models stand out with these key features:

  • Quilted Maple: Alder bodies paired with quilted maple tops for a dazzling look and enhanced resonance on select Stratocaster, Telecaster, Jazzmaster, and Jazz Bass models.
  • Pickup Variety: Humbucker Stratocaster models join the series, offering more tonal power.
  • Premium Components: Orange Drop capacitors and Pure Tone output jacks enhance signal clarity.
  • Finishes: Eye-catching colours like Red Beryl, Aquamarine, and the ethereal Larimar.

Fender Japan Hybrid II

Fender Japan Hybrid II solid colour

Hybrid II Philosophy

Fender Japan describes the Hybrid II series as “worthy of the name”, offering classic looks with modern playability for any style. These Japanese-crafted instruments deliver the best of both worlds.

Fender Japan Hybrid II QUILTED MAPLE Jazz Bass
Jazz Bass

Pricing and Availability

Prices (once converted) start around $923  (¥139,700) for the humbucker Strats and go up to $1127 (¥170,500) for the eye-catching quilted maple Jazzmaster. Check the Fender Japan website for complete details.

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