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Lerxst Snow Dog: The Ultimate Alex Lifeson Signature Fuzz Pedal

Lerxst Snow Dog- The Ultimate Alex Lifeson Signature Fuzz Pedal
Capture Alex Lifeson's iconic fuzz tones with the limited-edition Lerxst Snow Dog. Vintage-inspired silicon fuzz, versatile octave effects, and only 500 units available.

Rush fans and tone hounds rejoice! Lerxst has unveiled the limited-edition Snow Dog, a powerful and versatile octave fuzz pedal designed with legendary guitarist Alex Lifeson. 

Lerxst Snow Dog

The Lerxst Snow Dog has been announced and follows on from the By-Tor Drive released last year. This highly collectable stompbox promises to deliver an array of Lifeson’s most iconic fuzz tones, inspired by the classic rock sounds of the ’60s and ’70s.

It is a limited run of only 500 pedals and is available exclusively via Reverb.

Key Features 

  • All-Analog Circuitry: Ensures an authentic, warm, and dynamic fuzz experience.
  • Independent Fuzz and Octave Footswitches: Offers maximum tonal flexibility.
  • Fuzz Section: This section provides a wide range of vintage and modern fuzz textures via Sustain, Volume, and Tone controls.
  • Octave Section: Features Level and Gain controls, plus a toggle to place the octave before or after the fuzz, allowing for everything from subtle synthy shimmers to searing octave-up leads.
  • Limited Edition: Only 500 units produced, available exclusively through Reverb.
Lerxst Snow Dog
Octave Fuzz

Alex Lifeson on The Snow Dog

“My introduction to fuzz was before I had any on my face…In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida never sounded better!”

“It’s the Snow Dog that really screams. It can produce the most horrific fuzz in the Universe!”

Why Choose the Lerxst Snow Dog?

  • Capture Lifeson’s Iconic Tones: Experience the essence of classic Rush and other legendary rock artists.
  • Wide Range of Fuzz Flavors: From subtle grit to blistering saturation, this pedal has it all.
  • Expansive Octave Effects: Adds depth, complexity, and harmonic excitement.
  • Premium Build Quality: Ensures years of reliable use.
  • Highly Collectible: Secure your piece of rock history.

Key Specifications

  • 1970s-inspired circuit for a rich, creamy fuzz

  • Analog octave circuit

  • Separate fuzz and octave switches

  • A toggle switch to change the order of fuzz and octave circuits

  • Sturdy steel enclosure

  • Heavy-duty footswitches, knobs, and jacks

  • 9V DC Negative Center Power

  • Current Draw: 70mA

One for Rush fans

If you’re seeking uncompromising fuzz tones with a touch of Lifeson magic, don’t miss your chance to own this exclusive stompbox.

Priced at $295, the Lerxst Snow Dog is available now on Reverb while supplies last.

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