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BOSS Katana Gen 3 Amplifier Series – Seven new amp models released!

BOSS Katana Gen 3
BOSS unveils the Katana Gen 3 amp series, featuring evolved sound, enhanced effects & advanced features for guitarists of all levels. Unleash your musical potential!

BOSS has just launched the highly anticipated Katana Gen 3 amplifier series, the successor to their best-selling Katana amp lineup. This new generation promises to elevate the playing experience for guitarists of all levels with evolved sound, enhanced features, and advanced connectivity.

Katana Gen 3: Building on a Legacy of Guitar Excellence

Since its introduction in 2016, the BOSS Katana series has become a mainstay for guitarists seeking professional-grade tube-inspired sound with the flexibility of modern features.

The Katana Gen 3 builds upon this legacy, offering even greater range, versatility, and a playing experience that sets it apart.

Katana Gen 3- Building on a Legacy of Guitar Excellence
New for 2024

Enhanced Tube Logic for Expressive Tone and Feel

The core of the Katana Gen 3 lies in its refined Tube Logic technology. This latest iteration delivers an even more evolved sound, feel, and response.

The new “Pushed” amp character caters to those seeking the perfect edge-of-breakup sound, while all six amp characters come with selectable variations, providing 12 distinct tones to explore. Additionally, some models boast a newly developed Bloom circuit that reshapes the amp’s feel and responsiveness.

Katana 50 Gen 3
Katana 50 Gen 3

Onboard BOSS Effects: A World of Sonic Possibilities

Katana Gen 3 amps pack a powerful punch with five onboard effect categories, including the legendary BOSS library selections. From Boosters and Mods to FX, Delays, and Reverbs, each category offers enhanced sound quality, intuitive controls, and three variations for 15 unique effects at your fingertips.

Katana Artist Gen 3
Katana Artist Gen 3

Deep Sound Customization with BOSS Tone Studio

Fine-tune your sound with the updated BOSS Tone Studio software for macOS and Windows. This software allows you to access and customize 60 different effect types, tweak advanced options, and create personalized tones.

For even greater control on the go, connect the optional Bluetooth Audio MIDI Dual Adaptor and edit sounds wirelessly using the BTS editor app for iOS and Android.

Bluetooth Audio MIDI Dual Adaptor
Bluetooth Audio MIDI Dual Adaptor

Unleash Your Stage Presence with Powerful Connectivity

Katana Gen 3 amps are built for the modern performer. Tone Setting memories allow you to store and recall complete amp/effect setups instantly, while rear-panel jacks provide control via footswitches and expression pedals.

All models except the Katana-50 Gen 3 offer compatibility with the GA-FC and GA-FC EX Foot Controllers.

Katana Head Gen 3
Katana Head Gen 3

Katana Gen 3 Models: Find Your Perfect Amp

The Katana Gen 3 series caters to various playing styles and needs. Here’s a quick rundown of the available models:

  • Katana-50 Gen 3: The perfect balance of power and portability for beginners, featuring 50 watts in a compact 1×12 combo.
  • Katana-50 EX Gen 3: An enhanced version of the Katana-50 Gen 3, ideal for live performers, boasting an upgraded speaker, GA-FC/GA-FC EX support, and more.
  • Katana-100 Gen 3: Delivers big, stage-ready sound in an easy-to-carry 1×12 combo format with 100 watts of power.
  • Katana-100/212 Gen 3: Fills the venue with rich sound with 100 watts of power driving two custom 12-inch speakers.
  • Katana Head Gen 3: A compact head with 100 watts of power, a Bloom voicing option, and a built-in 5-inch speaker for practice and tone checking.
  • Katana Artist Gen 3: The flagship model, offering the ultimate Katana experience with 100 watts, a custom 12-inch Waza speaker, Bloom voicing, and advanced tone tools.
  • Katana Artist Head Gen 3: Packs the core features of the Katana Artist Gen 3 in a robust 100-watt amplifier head.
Katana-50 EX Gen 3
Katana 50 EX Gen 3

Ready to Take Your Guitar Playing to the Next Level?

The BOSS Katana Gen 3 amplifier series is poised to become the new standard for guitarists seeking an amp that can evolve with their playing. With its exceptional sound, versatile features, and excellent connectivity, the Katana Gen 3 is your gateway to unleashing your musical potential.

To learn more about the Katana Gen 3 amplifier series, visit the official BOSS website.

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