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Fender Japan Revives the Cyclone Offset Guitar with Upgraded Specs

Fender Japan Revives the Cyclone Offset Guitar with Upgraded Specs
Fender Japan revives the cult classic Cyclone guitar with upgraded specs & stunning new finishes! Don't miss this offset masterpiece.

Fender Japan is back with another press-stopping release, this time reviving the beloved Cyclone offset guitar from the late 1990s.

Fender Japan Cyclone

Originally produced from 1997 to around 2006, the Cyclone was a unique offering that stood out from other Fender models.

Fender Japan Cyclone 3-Color Sunburst
3-Color Sunburst

A Blend of Classic and Unconventional

Not quite a Mustang and not quite a Duo-Sonic, the Cyclone had its own distinct character. It featured a poplar body (slightly thicker than a Mustang) and a 24.75″ scale length, the same as a Gibson Les Paul – an unusual choice for a Fender guitar.

Additionally, it boasted an HS pickup configuration (one humbucker, one single-coil) and a vintage-style Stratocaster tremolo bridge.

Fender Japan Cyclone Butterscotch Blonde
Butterscotch Blonde

A Faithful Revival with Modern Touches

While Squier offered a rebooted Cyclone in their Paranormal series in 2020, it wasn’t a completely faithful recreation. This new Fender Japan release, however, stays true to the original design while offering some exciting upgrades.

Fender Japan Cyclone Lake Placid Blue
Lake Placid Blue

Available in a Range of Eye-Catching Colors

The new Cyclone comes in five stunning colorways: Lake Placid Blue, Fiesta Red, White Blonde, 3-Color Sunburst, and Butterscotch Blonde. Each guitar features an alder body, a comfortable modern C maple neck, and a 9.5″ radius fingerboard in either rosewood or maple.

Fender Japan Cyclone Fiesta Red
Fiesta Red

Upgraded Playability and Electronics

The guitar is equipped with 22 medium jumbo frets, a bone nut, and the classic 24.75″ scale length. For sound, Fender Japan has designed custom MIJ Cyclone humbuckers and single-coil pickups, delivering a versatile tonal palette.

The control scheme remains familiar with a three-way selector switch, master volume, and master tone controls.

Fender Japan Cyclone White Blonde
White Blonde

Limited Availability and Attractive Price

The biggest challenge for guitarists outside of Japan might be getting their hands on one. As a Fender Japan exclusive model, imports will likely be limited. However, the price tag of 140,800 Japanese Yen (approximately $895) makes it even more enticing.

For Fender enthusiasts and fans of offset guitars, the return of the Cyclone is a cause for celebration. This faithful revival with modern upgrades offers a unique playing experience and stunning aesthetics.

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