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Unleash Your Inner Feline Fury: Meowdulator – The World’s First Guitar Cat Synth Pedal

Unleash Your Inner Feline Fury: Meowdulator - The World's First Guitar Cat Synth Pedal
Calling all cat lovers and experimental musicians! B's Music Shop and Cusack Music have unleashed the Meowdulator, a revolutionary guitar pedal that transforms your riffs into purrs, meows, and wild cat synths.

Calling all cat lovers and adventurous musicians! Brace yourselves for the most unique and downright delightful guitar effect to hit the market: the Meowdulator. This brainchild of B’s Music Shop and Cusack Music is the world’s first guitar cat synthesizer pedal, promising to inject a healthy dose of feline fury into your sound.

Transform Your Guitar into a Feline Orchestra

Forget distortion and reverb; the Meowdulator is all about embracing your inner cat. This innovative pedal boasts three simple yet powerful “meow” controls that govern the intensity of your feline soundscapes. Whether you crave the delicate chirp of a Staccato Kitten or the glitchy purr of an Acid Kitty Synth, the Meowdulator offers eight distinct voicings to unleash your purr-formance creativity.

Beyond the Meow: Unleashing a Spectrum of Feline Fury

The Meowdulator isn’t a one-trick pony. Each of the eight voice settings boasts its own unique character. From the high-pitched Staccato Kitten to the robotic growls of the Mad Cat Synth, this pedal allows you to explore a delightful world of bizarre and beautiful cat-inspired sounds. Feeling mellow? Press and hold the footswitch to unleash a soothing purr, the perfect way to add a touch of feline ambiance to your music.

Pussy Cat Tone

From Joke to Reality: The Birth of the Meowdulator

The Meowdulator’s origins are as quirky as its sounds. B’s Music Shop owner Brian Hansen explains, “This started as half a joke, but it turned out to be possible! We ended up creating something truly unique – a monophonic synth that lets you explore a world of cat-inspired sounds.”

How to dial in the perfect cat

Beyond Guitar: A Purr-fect Touch for Any Instrument

Gear aficionado Harp Lady put the Meowdulator through its paces, demonstrating its versatility across guitar, harp, and even synths. This innovative pedal proves that the Meowdulator can add a touch of feline flair to any instrument, making it a must-have for the adventurous musician.

Ready to Unleash Your Feline Fury?

The Meowdulator is the purr-fect addition to any musician’s arsenal, priced at $199.99. However, be warned – the first batch has already sold out!

Head over to B’s Music Shop to learn more and join the waitlist for the next batch of these revolutionary cat synth pedals.

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