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Electro-Harmonix All-New Lizard King Bass Octave Fuzz Pedal

Electro-Harmonix All-New Lizard King Bass Octave Fuzz Pedal
Electro-Harmonix unveils the Lizard King, a new bass pedal inspired by the popular Lizard Queen. Optimised for bass, it features blend, tone, & octave controls

Electro-Harmonix is proud to unveil the Lizard King, a new bass pedal inspired by the popular EHX x JHS Lizard Queen released in 2023. Slated for release in July 2024, the Lizard King promises to become the new king of octave fuzz for bassists.

Lizard King – Built for Bass

The Lizard King optimizes the core sound of the Lizard Queen specifically for the low-end power of the bass guitar.

This means bassists can achieve that classic, gnarly octave fuzz sound without sacrificing their instrument’s fundamental tone and low-end presence.

Key Features

  • Vintage-Style Octave Fuzz: The Lizard King captures the essence of vintage octave fuzz effects, offering a thick and aggressive sound that cuts through the mix.
  • Blend Knob: Dial in the perfect balance between your clean bass tone and the fuzz effect with the new Blend knob. This allows you to retain your attack and low-end while adding a layer of fuzz for added depth and texture.
  • Tone Control: The Tone knob acts as a low-pass filter, allowing you to tame the high-end of the fuzz and achieve the perfect sonic balance for your playing style and musical genre.
  • Unique Octave Knob: The Octave knob controls the amount of octave fuzz blended into your signal. Dial in a subtle octave for added depth, or crank it up for a full-on, octave-heavy fuzz sound.
  • Sun / Shadow Switch: This unique toggle switch allows you to further sculpt the character of your fuzz and clean tones. “Sun” mode boosts the octave fuzz with a more driving midrange and adds extra treble and bass to the clean tone accessed by the Blend knob. “Shadow” mode keeps the clean tone uncolored and tightens up the fuzz character for a more focused sound.
  • True Bypass Switching: Ensures your instrument’s tone remains pristine when the pedal is bypassed.
  • 9V Battery Powered: The Lizard King can be powered by a standard 9V battery (included) or an optional 9V power adapter (not included).
Lizard King
Octave Fuzz for bass and guitar

Pricing and Availability:

The Electro-Harmonix Lizard King Bass Octave Fuzz Pedal carries an MSRP of $129.00 and will be available in music stores worldwide starting July 2024.

Pre Order at Thomann

Electro-Harmonix Lizard King Bass Octave Fuzz Pedal – Huge Sounds for Bass Players

The Lizard King promises to be a welcome addition to the pedalboards of bass players seeking to add a touch of vintage octave fuzz to their sound.

With its versatile controls, the Lizard King allows bassists to dial in a wide range of fuzz tones, perfect for anything from subtle low-end growl to full-on fuzz mayhem. It will also work on guitar and could be perfect for down-tuned instruments,

More Information

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