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Gibson Jason Isbell Red Eye 1959 Les Paul Standard

Gibson Jason Isbell Red Eye 1959 Les Paul Standard
Own the limited-edition Gibson "Red Eye" Les Paul Standard, inspired by Jason Isbell's iconic guitar. 59 replicas only!

Gibson Custom Shop unveils a meticulously crafted collector’s edition guitar honoring the legendary Red Eye 1959 Les Paul Standard. Lynyrd Skynyrd’s Ed King once owned this historic instrument, which Americana powerhouse Jason Isbell currently cherishes.

The Origin Story of “Red Eye”

The “Red Eye” Les Paul Standard boasts a unique history etched right into its faded finish. Years ago, sunlight faded much of the guitar’s original red colour while displayed in a store window.

Only a patch below the toggle switch, protected by a hangtag, remained vibrant. When Ed King purchased the guitar in 1982, this striking contrast inspired him to nickname it “Red Eye.”

From Lynyrd Skynyrd to Americana Royalty

“Red Eye” became a trusted companion for Ed King throughout his time with Lynyrd Skynyrd.

After Ed’s passing in 2018, the guitar found a new home with the Grammy-winning Jason Isbell. Isbell, known for his acclaimed songwriting and captivating live performances, has since incorporated “Red Eye” into his creative arsenal. The guitar’s rich history adds depth to Isbell’s music, making it a favorite among fans.

From Lynyrd Skynyrd to Jason Isbell
From Lynyrd Skynyrd to Jason Isbell

A Collector’s Dream: A Meticulously Crafted Replica

Gibson Custom Shop, renowned for its dedication to detail and historical accuracy, has meticulously recreated “Red Eye” for this exclusive collector’s edition.

They’ve captured every nuance of the original instrument by utilizing cutting-edge 3D scanning technology and the time-tested Murphy Lab aging techniques.

From the natural playwear that speaks of countless performances to the rich sonic character and the beautiful Brazilian rosewood fretboard, each detail is a testament to the guitar’s legacy. Jason Isbell participated in the creation process, hand-selecting the figured maple tops for this limited run.

Serial Number
Serial Number 9 0891

Owning a Legend: Limited Edition with Exclusive Details

This strictly limited-edition run honors the original “Red Eye,” with only 59 instruments handcrafted by Gibson’s expert luthiers in Nashville, Tennessee.

Each guitar boasts a certificate of authenticity and a unique collector’s number (1 through 59) alongside the original “Red Eye” serial number (9 0891) inscribed on the headstock. This ensures not only the provenance of the instrument but also its place in a prestigious collection of 59.

Case Candy
Case Candy

Premium Case Candy Befitting a Legend

The “Red Eye” Collector’s Edition doesn’t stop at the guitar. The package includes a treasure trove of exclusive accessories that elevate the experience.

The guitar is housed in a luxurious blue Les Paul Protector Series hardshell case with a plush gray interior, offering optimal protection for this treasured instrument.

A Jason Isbell signature strap, crafted from midnight blue wild alligator leather and adorned with a stitched “Red Eye” emblem, adds a touch of luxury and exclusivity.

Completing the collection is a certificate of authenticity booklet, custom hangtags replicating the originals from the store window display, and two “beer bottle” style strap locks for convenience and a touch of vintage flair.

This limited-edition Gibson Custom Shop “Red Eye” 1959 Les Paul Standard is a dream for collectors and players alike.

MSRP – $21999 

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