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EarthQuaker Devices and Death By Audio Revive Cult Classic Time Shadows

EarthQuaker Devices and Death By Audio Revive Cult Classic Time Shadows
EarthQuaker & Death By Audio revive the cult classic Time Shadows pedal! Enhanced features, wider availability & a limited edition Cyberpunk version.

Gearheads rejoice! EarthQuaker Devices (EQD) and Death By Audio (DBA) have announced the highly anticipated return of their sought-after collaboration pedal, the Time Shadows Subharmonic Multi-Delay Resonator. This unique effects unit, known for its wild sonic capabilities, was originally released in 2020 as a limited run of 1,000 units and quickly became a collector’s item.

Time Shadows – A Match Made in Effects Heaven

The Time Shadows pedal is the brainchild of two industry giants. Inspired by the documentary “The Pedal Movie,” EQD and DBA joined forces to create a truly special instrument. This “experimental split” pedal combines the best of both worlds: EQD’s renowned pitch-morphed fuzz delay and DBA’s innovative multi-delay filter.

Unleashing Your Inner Sonic Explorer

The new Time Shadows boasts several exciting upgrades over its predecessor. Players can now experiment with a third delay mode featuring a dual delay with shifting repeats, further expanding the pedal’s sonic palette. Additionally, the addition of user-assignable expression control and six preset slots allows for greater creative freedom and easier access to your favorite soundscapes.

Subharmonic Multi-Delay Resonator

Limited Edition Cyberpunk Version and Launch Party

For those seeking extra exclusivity, a limited-edition Cyberpunk version of the Time Shadows will be available through the EarthQuaker Devices Reverb shop, with only 500 units produced.

EQD will host a launch party on June 18th at Musica in Akron, Ohio to celebrate the pedal’s revival. This is a fantastic opportunity to meet EQD’s President and mastermind, Jamie Stillman, and Death By Audio’s founder, Oliver “Ollie” Ackermann, witness live demonstrations of the Time Shadows, and have your burning questions answered.

Time Shadows: More Accessible, More Powerful

“We felt it was high time to bring the Time Shadows back into production and get it in the hands of sonic explorers everywhere, without the collectors’ price tag,” says Ackermann. EQD’s Stillman echoes this sentiment, highlighting the updated version’s affordability and expanded sonic capabilities.

Pricing and Availability

The standard Time Shadows pedal is now available for $199. Gear enthusiasts can learn more and purchase the pedal directly through the EarthQuaker Devices website.

With its wider availability, enhanced features, and a limited-edition variant, the Time Shadows revival is a dream come true for guitarists and pedal aficionados alike.

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