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Red Witch Unleashes the Hypostasia: A Fuzz & Overdrive Odyssey for Guitarists

Red Witch Unleashes the Hypostasia: A Fuzz & Overdrive Odyssey for Guitarists
Red Witch Pedals unveils the Hypostasia, a limited-edition fuzz & overdrive pedal for guitarists. Dial in classic rock tones from Clapton to Hendrix with this hand-wired marvel. Only 59 available!

Calling all fuzz aficionados and overdrive enthusiasts! Red Witch Pedals has unveiled the Hypostasia, a limited-edition stompbox designed to be your one-stop shop for classic rock tones.

Hypostasia – Crank it Up from Tasteful to Hendrixian

Like the Euphemia, this is another limited-run pedal from Red Witch in New Zealand. The Hypostasia boasts a unique ability to morph between smooth overdrive and face-melting fuzz, letting you conjure up anything from Clapton’s legendary Beano-era snarl to the soaring, feedback-laden leads of Jimi Hendrix.

This versatility is perfect for guitarists who crave a wide sonic palette without the need for multiple pedals.

Hand-wired Magic in Limited Quantities

This isn’t your average mass-produced stompbox. Each Hypostasia is meticulously hand-wired by Red Witch founder Ben Fulton, ensuring top-notch quality and a truly unique playing experience. But be warned – with only 59 units available, this is a collector’s dream waiting to happen.

Red Witch Hypostasia
Only 59 pedals

Dial in Your Perfect Tone

The Hypostasia features a user-friendly interface with four intuitive knobs. Craft your ideal fuzz character with the “Input” and “Fuzz” controls, then fine-tune your overdrive with the dedicated “Drive” knob. Red Witch promises everything from a “tasteful rasp” to a “devastating roar,” letting you unleash your inner rock god.

Red Witch Hypostasia

A Feast for the Eyes and Ears

The Hypostasia isn’t just about killer tones – it’s a looker, too. Red Witch’s signature exquisite design graces the enclosure, making it a conversation starter on any pedalboard.

Limited Edition Luxury

The Hypostasia is a premium pedal at $349, but for those seeking a limited-edition, hand-wired pedal with a vast sonic palette, it’s a worthwhile investment. Plus, free shipping sweetens the deal.

Ready to Embrace Fuzz & Overdrive Nirvana?

Head over to Red Witch Pedals’ website to learn more about the Hypostasia and secure yours before these 59 beauties disappear into the hands of discerning guitarists worldwide.

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