Tune Voodoo Skull – Remedy Gibson Les Paul tuning stability issues

Tune Voodoo Skull

The Tune Voodoo Skull was designed to help with Gibson Les Paul tuning instability. This skull-shaped string guide acts as a string tree and requires zero permanent modification to your favorite guitar.

Tune Voodoo Skull

Could the Tune Voodoo Skull fix your tuning woes?

This custom design straightens the angle of the D and G strings on a Gibson Les Paul. Tune Voodoo Skull is handmade in Finland and looks great (if you like skulls).

The Tune Voodoo was created by Kimmo Pennanen and provides a neat solution for the problem. As a disclaimer, it only works on Les Pauls that have straight-slotted nuts and will not be effective if used on ones that have angled nut slots.

It uses the same top screw hole that holds the truss rod cover in place and so it does not require any permanent modification to your guitar.


Tune Voodoo Skull on a Gibson Les Paul
Tune Voodoo Skull on a Gibson Les Paul

Five Star

Tune Voodoo has 87 ratings and a five-star rating at the time this article was written. Which suggests that it works well and that guitar players like it.

  • Skull is 3D printed and metal spacers are inserted by hand into each eye socket of the skull to minimize friction.
  • Comes with a 16mm (5/8″) screw, you need a 2mm (5/64″) Allen Wrench to screw it on.
  • We ship from Texas US only to the US. Processing time is 1-5 business days, and delivery time is 3-7 business days.

It will work on most three-a-side headstock guitars, like the Schecter below.


Setup your Gibson Les Paul

If you need some tips on how to set up a Les Paul then be sure to check out my How to set up a Gibson Les Paul and make it play like a dream article.

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