Beetronics Seabee Harmochorus: New modulation possibilities

Beetronics Seabee Harmochorus offers pitch-shifting, modulation Harmochorus and Chorus effects

Beetronic’s SeaBee is an analogue-meets-digital “Harmochorus” pedal that claims to provide guitarists with “a never-before-heard pitch shifting modulation”. Offering new ways to modulate your signal.

Seabee Harmochorus

The Beetronics Seabee Harmochorus is described as a multi-chorus pedal that combines “the finest analogue bucket brigade chorus tones” with convenient digital delay control parameters for a huge array of modulation tones.

Seabee Harmochorus


An analogue bucket brigade chorus with digital control allows it to provide a host of new ways to modulate your tone.

Seabee Harmochorus


Three two-function control knobs, a trio of three-way toggle switches and two footswitches. The first toggle flicks between Harmochorus and Chorus effects, and the second navigates the six different modes.

There are three for each of the two main effects: Chorus has Roto, Depth and Sting to its name, and Harmo has Dual, Arp and Mad.

Users can choose between two different pitches and speeds, a combination of twelve chords and twelve different arpeggio patterns, or simply choose between thousands of random patterns.

Elsewhere, each set of control knob parameters is accessed by pressing the right-hand footswitch, which changes between Ramp, Rate and Depth controls, and Tone, Mix and Feedback.

The last toggle switch selects the three ramp shapes: A to B, Up and Down and Always Up. These are controlled by the Ramp knob and triggered when the left footswitch is engaged. Offering a myriad of effect tones as you switch between the two settings.


Seabee Harmochorus
Internal circuit board design


It comes with inputs for MIDI and expression pedals plus two stereo output options. Power is provided by a standard 9V external power supply.

Key Features

  • Analogue sound path with the finest bucket brigade chorus tones.
  • 3 Chorus modes / 3 Harmochorus modes
  • Never before heard pitch shifting chorus with arpeggios and random patterns.
  • Truly expressive ramping gives you musical control.
  • 16 Onboard presets
  • Tap Tempo, MIDI, Expression and more.
  • Selectable input level (supports guitar, bass, active pickups, synthesizers and more) 
  •  Hand-assembled in Los Angeles, CA.

MSRP – $349

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