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Permission to Land – The Darkness’ Iconic Tone in a Pedal

The Darkness is celebrating the 20th anniversary of their iconic album, "Permission to Land," with a limited edition guitar pedal.

Celebrate the 20th anniversary of one of rock’s greatest albums with the “Permission to Land” limited edition guitar pedal. Let’s dive into the details of this new pedal, which brings you the signature tone of The Darkness, Justin, and Dan Hawkins, the driving force behind the legendary album.

Permission to Land

To commemorate their seminal Permission to Land album, Justin and Dan Hawkins have created a pedal that encapsulates the guitar sound we’ve all been rocking out to for two decades.

Five singles were released from Permission to Land: “Get Your Hands off My Woman“, “Growing on Me“, “I Believe in a Thing Called Love“, “Christmas Time (Don’t Let the Bells End)” (which only appears on the German Christmas edition), and “Love Is Only a Feeling“.

This makes it a pretty epic debut album and one full of some great guitar tones.

Permission to Land

Justin & Dan

The pedal offers two distinct distortion paths, one for Justin and one for Dan. Justin’s channel provides a massive overdrive with an aggressive character, perfect for powerful and punchy tones.

On the other hand, Dan’s channel offers an organic, tube-like overdrive, reminiscent of classic British amps from that era. You have full control over volume, gain, EQ levels, and a MASTER control for each channel, allowing you to craft your unique tone by blending Justin and Dan’s paths.

Permission to Land

LO-FI switch

One standout feature of this pedal is the unique LO-FI switch, which adds a distinct filter effect to your sound, akin to the nostalgia of old vintage radios. It’s perfect for adding a touch of vintage charm or experimenting creatively with your playing.

Permission to Land

Crafted with Precision

Justin and Dan collaborated with an acclaimed pedal maker to ensure that this pedal captures their iconic sound.

Each pedal is crafted with studio-grade audio components, hand-assembled, and guitar-tested in the EU. As a limited edition, every pedal comes with a numbered certificate signed by Justin and Dan, making it a collector’s item for rock enthusiasts.


  •  Parallel Distortion Paths: Justin and Dan
  •  Independent Volume Controls for Justin and Dan
  •  Shared GAIN Knob for Both Channels
  •  Shared MASTER Control
  • -Footswitchable Solo Mode with Dedicated GAIN 2

Footswitchable Solo Mode

  • Activating Solo Mode:  Boost your lead sound instantly with Solo Mode.
  • Adjusting GAIN 2:  Fine-tune the gain level for a powerful lead sound.

Distortion Paths

  • Justin Distortion Path: Perfect for modern rock and metal tones with its massive overdrive and aggressive character.
  • Dan Distortion Path: Capture the warmth and character of classic British amplifiers with this tube-like overdrive.
  • Blending Distortion Paths: Experiment with blending Justin and Dan’s channels to create a unique tonal blend.

Artwork Inspiration

The pedal’s artwork, created by Chiara Mazzoni, draws inspiration from The Darkness’ “Permission to Land” album. The design features motifs of paddles and octopuses, mirroring the album’s artwork.

Subtle allusions within the artwork symbolize the band’s notable achievements, including 3 paddles for 3 Brit awards, 7 bug-like creatures representing their 7 albums, and 4 aliens signifying the band’s 4 platinum records in the UK.


Pre-order now for shipping starting late October 2023

Price: $249.99

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