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Testing the Limits: How Strong is a Guitar Neck?

The strength of a guitar neck has long been a topic of debate among enthusiasts. Can it withstand the tension of strings, or will it snap under pressure?

How Strong is a Guitar Neck? When it comes to the strength of a guitar neck, opinions have always been as diverse as the music itself. From tales of necks bending under string tension to seemingly indestructible necks, there’s no definitive answer.

How Strong is a Guitar Neck?

In this intriguing experiment, Guitar Max and his friend Døvydas aim to find out just how strong a guitar neck can be, using a set of dumbbells weighing approximately 110 pounds. 

They remind us of Bill & Ted in this video but stick with it and try not to laugh too hard as they go on an excellent adventure together.

How Strong is a Guitar Neck?

 Setting the Stage

String Tension Insights: Before the test begins, Guitar Max explains that the average string tension on the 6th string hovers around 170 pounds. 

Estimated Breaking Point: With their expertise, they predict the neck’s weakest points, near the headstock and body, should give in at around 100 pounds of added weight.

The Guitar Under the Spotlight

Meet the Gibson Impostor: Guitar Max unveils a “very good” replica Gibson guitar, praising its sound and appearance.

He even suggests it could fool the average person into thinking it’s an original. In fact, this Chibson Flying V holds up extremely well.

GuitarMax site on guitar neck

The Weighty Challenge

Slow and Steady: They start adding weight gradually to the guitar neck, placing the dumbbells as close to the body as possible. The guitar remains turned on, letting you hear its strain and resilience.

Sitting Test: In a surprising twist, they attempt to sit on the neck, with Guitar Max adding to the challenge by holding dumbbells. 

Chibson Flying V

Unbelievable Results

The Neck That Wouldn’t Break: Astonishingly, even after these extreme tests, the guitar neck refuses to give in. There’s no evidence of strain by the end of the experiment. No cracks, or even any cracking in the guitar’s finish.


This experiment led by Guitar Max and Døvydas leaves us with a newfound appreciation for the remarkable strength of a guitar neck.

It’s a testament to the durability of these musical instruments and the craftsmanship that goes into creating them. If you’ve ever wondered just how strong a guitar neck can be, this video will definitely strike a chord with you.





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