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IK Multimedia Amplitube SVX 2 Free for Halloween 2023

Free IK Multimedia Amplitube SVX 2 for Halloween
Free IK Multimedia Amplitube SVX 2 for Halloween with three virtual Ampeg bass rigs for your DAW

IK Multimedia Amplitube SVX 2 ($99.99 value) bass amplification software is a free download until October 31st. With three great virtual Ampeg bass rigs for your DAW.

IK Multimedia Amplitube SVX

Until October 31st, you can grab Amplitube SVX 2 for free from IK Multimedia.

Amplitube SVX 2 covers three amps, all based on classic Ampeg bass amps. Plus, you get the accompanying cabinets and free effects to take advantage of when used with Amplitube 5 CS.

Free IK Multimedia Amplitube SVX 2 for Halloween with three virtual Ampeg bass rigs for your DAW

Three Ampeg Bass Rigs

The first amp is the SVX-15N, based on the classic tube-driven Ampeg B-15N. This is an all-time classic and is great for rock, funk, and, soul.

Next is the SVX-4B which is based on the all-tube Ampeg V-4B, is another rock and roll classic best suited for heavy-handed pick playing.

Finally, there is the SVX-VR is a workhorse based on the transistor-based  SVT-VR amp head.

Cabinet selections include a 1×15, 2×12, and an 8×10. Which should be enough to cover all your virtual bass rig needs and more.


  • SVX-15N
  • SVX-4B
  • SVX-VR


  • 1×15 SVX-115
  • 2×12 SVX-212AV
  • 8×10 SVX-810A


Just install the free Amplitube 5 CS plugin to access Amplitube SVX 2. The activation process is explained in detail on the link below.



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