Pedal Pawn BluesPrint based on SRV’s Tube Screamer

Pedal Pawn has unveiled its latest gem, the BluesPrint Dual Overdrive, inspired by Stevie Ray Vaughan's iconic 1983 Tube Screamer.

Pedal Pawn BluesPrint Dual Overdrive, inspired by Stevie Ray Vaughan Tube Screamer. This stompbox is a dual-channel drive pedal designed to capture the essence of SRV’s “juiciest mid-hump overdrive tone” while offering a fresh tonal perspective.

Crafted by Obsession

Pedal Pawn owner Chris King Robinson, a touring guitarist, embarked on a quest for the perfect dual overdrive. His journey led to the creation of the BluesPrint.

It is a faithful recreation of what is believed to be the Tube Screamer Stevie Ray Vaughan used for his legendary El Mocambo performance.

Pedal Pawn BluesPrint Dual Overdrive
Pedal Pawn BluesPrint Dual Overdrive

Dual Channels for Sonic Freedom

The BluesPrint boasts two independent channels, each with its own character and controlled by side-specific footswitches and Volume, Drive, and Tone knobs.

Stevie Ray Vaughan's 1983 Tube Screamer
Stevie Ray Vaughan’s 1983 Tube Screamer


Side 1 – The SRV Vibe

Side 1 unlocks a fat, clear, and dynamic TS-style overdrive, Inspired by Stevie Ray Vaughan’s 1983 Tube Screamer, believed to be the one used in his legendary El Mocambo performance.

Robinson, a Tube Screamer connoisseur, was captivated by the clarity and dynamism of the ’83 unit owned by Stevie Ray Vaughan. Side 1 delivers “the juiciest, fat mid-hump overdrive tone ever,” inspired by SRV’s legendary Tube Screamer.

Side 2 – A Vintage Marvel

Side 2 was reverse-engineered to capture the vintage warmth and punch of a BB-style tone, reminiscent of classic blues tones. Inspired by the Marshall BluesBreaker, this side offers a warm and punchy alternative.

Stevie Ray Vaughan's Tube Screamer

The Magic Blend

What makes the BluesPrint truly special is the ability to combine Side 1 and Side 2, creating your unique signature overdrive tone with a wealth of tonal options.

BluesPrint Features

– Side 1: Fat, clear & dynamic TS-style
– Side 2: Vintage, warm & punchy BB-style
– Independent Volume, Drive, and Tone knobs
– Internal A-B / B-A order switch
– Handcrafted in the UK
– Standard 9V power input
– True bypass switching

The Fresh Take

To capture this legendary sound in a fresh way, Pedal Pawn had to integrate two radically different circuits into a compact powerhouse while banishing any unwanted noise.

Pedal Pawn BluesPrint

Unlocking SRV’s Secret

“As a result, there’s no doubt that our approach has closely captured that distinctive sound,” Robinson affirms about their mission to bring the legendary sound to guitar enthusiasts.

Pedal Pawn BluesPrint Dual Overdrive Top mounted jacks


The BluesPrint is a limited-edition offering, available now for $367/£297. Head over to Pedal Pawn for more details and to get your hands on this sonic masterpiece.

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