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Eric Clapton The Fool Gibson SG Breaks Records, Sells for $1.27 Million

Eric Clapton The Fool SG
Eric Clapton's iconic 1964 'The Fool' Gibson SG fetched $1.27 million at auction, the priciest guitar ever sold from Slowhand's collection.

Eric Clapton’s iconic 1964 ‘The Fool’ Gibson SG recently fetched a staggering $1.27 million at auction, marking a record for the priciest guitar ever sold from Slowhand’s collection. The psychedelic masterpiece, adorned with artwork from the Dutch collective ‘The Fool,’ has now joined the elite club of million-dollar guitars.

Eric Clapton The Fool Gibson SG

Notably, this sale falls short of Kurt Cobain’s 1959 Martin D-18E, which holds the world record at $6,010,000, thanks to its appearance on Nirvana’s MTV Unplugged album. Despite the price difference, ‘The Fool’ SG remains a symbol of rock history, famously contributing to Clapton’s distinctive Woman Tone heard in early Cream recordings.

Though, $1.27 million is still a lot of money for one guitar and maybe if that isn’t in your budget you could go for one of the new Gibson Color Collection SG models announced this week and break out your paints instead.

Disraeli Gears

It is a guitar that will always remind me of listening to Disraeli Gears and Fresh Cream on my father’s turntable on repeat as a child and listening in awe to that amazing guitar work. As a child, it was the soundtrack to my youth and so it was always one of those Excaliber-type instruments in my young mind.

Eric Clapton's'The Fool' Gibson SG Breaks Records, Sells for $1.27 Million
Eric Clapton’s ‘The Fool’ Gibson SG Breaks Records, Sells for $1.27 Million

Jim Irsay Collection

The auction, hosted by Julien’s, saw the guitar acquired by The Jim Irsay Collection. A portion of the proceeds will support the Indianapolis Colts and the Irsay family’s mental health initiative, Kicking The Stigma.

Jim Irsay, Colts owner, continues to build an impressive collection that includes instruments like Bob Dylan’s 1964 Stratocaster and George Harrison’s Revolver SG.

Eric Clapton's'The Fool' Gibson SG

Iconic Guitar

Described by Darren Julien as “one of the most important guitars in all of rock music history,” ‘The Fool’ has left an indelible mark. Julien’s Auctions, celebrating its twenty-year anniversary, adds another record to its name after handling previous notable sales.

Eric Clapton's'The Fool' Gibson SG Breaks Records, Sells for $1.27 Million

Todd Rundgren

‘The Fool’ SG, once owned by Todd Rundgren, underwent modifications over the years, losing its trapeze-style tailpiece and original long-arm Vibrola.

Despite these changes, its association with Clapton only adds to its allure. As the guitar finds a new home in The Jim Irsay Collection, it marks a significant chapter in its storied journey through music history.

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