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Crazy Tube Circuits HI POWER – Pink Floyd “Wish You Were Here”

Crazy Tube Circuits HI POWER - Pink Floyd in a pedal
Crazy Tube Circuits HI POWER combines classic effect and amp for Pink Floyd Wish You Were Here guitar tones in one pedal

Looking to recreate some of rock history’s most iconic sounds? Crazy Tube Circuits’ newest creation, the HI POWER, is here to transform your guitar tone. This groundbreaking pedal is a tribute to the legendary tones that shaped Pink Floyd’s iconic “Wish You Were Here” album, bringing the essence of British rock right to your fingertips.

Crazy Tube Circuits HI POWER

The HI POWER is an innovative blend of pedal and amp-in-a-box overdrive, meticulously designed for those seeking that classic British sound.

On the right side of the pedal, you’ll find a spot-on re-creation of the “Colorsound Power Boost,” complete with BC184 transistors at 18V DC, via an internal voltage booster, and a two-band Baxandall EQ for unparalleled tonal control. The modern twists? A bypassable master volume, a reverse-log gain control for seamless transitions, and a toggle for a higher gain/lower headroom mode known as the Overdriver.

Crazy Tube Circuits HI POWER - Pink Floyd in a pedal
Crazy Tube Circuits HI POWER – Pink Floyd in a pedal

Experience the Hiwatt Amp Magic

Turn to the left side of the HI POWER, and you’re greeted with an all-analog circuit that replicates the distinctive tones of the Hiwatt amp.

From pristine high-headroom cleans to rich, crunchy overdrives, this section offers a full EQ, presence control, and a headroom toggle that mimics the original amp’s 100W and compressed 50W settings. Plus, the master volume control allows for increased gain at higher settings, giving you the flexibility to dial in your perfect sound.

Crazy Tube Circuits HI POWER

Integrating Your Favorite Effects

Much like Crazy Tube Circuits’ other dual overdrive/amp-in-a-box designs, the HI POWER includes a passive effects loop. This lets you seamlessly integrate your favorite pedals, using the booster/overdrive and amp sections together or separately.

Crazy Tube Circuits HI POWER

Key Features at a Glance

– Dual analog booster/overdrive and amp in a box, capturing the soul of Pink Floyd’s “Wish You Were Here.”
– Right side: Authentic reproduction of the Colorsound Power Boost / Overdriver circuits.
– Left side: Hiwatt-voiced 100W and 50W clean / overdrive circuit.
– Passive series effects loop for creative pedal integration.
– Independent operation of BOOST/OVERDRIVE and AMP sections.
– Click-less true bypass design with high-quality relays for each section.
– Dual footswitches and status LEDs for easy control.
– Power-up bypass/engage preset function for the footswitches.
– Convenient top-mounted jacks.
– Requires a 9V DC, center negative power supply (not included).

Crazy Tube Circuits’ Unobtanium was one of their biggest-selling pedals of 2023 and this new HI POWER looks like it could match that in 2024.

Andertons HI POWER and Unobtanium

Embrace the legacy of classic rock and elevate your sound with the HI POWER by Crazy Tube Circuits. Discover a world of tonal possibilities and make your guitar sing with the sounds of legends.

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HI POWER: Smoking Hot Tones

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