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Ed Sheeran Loopers collaboration with HeadRrush

Ed Sheeran Loopers launches with his signature Looper + Dual-Track and the Looper X Multi-Track Workstation models

Ed Sheeran Loopers is a new collaboration with HeadRush and his new company called ITA Intime.

Ed Sheeran Loopers

After much anticipation, Ed Sheeran, the solo artist who single-handedly redefined the popularity of looper pedals, has unveiled his exclusive range of signature looper pedals.

This launch marks a pivotal moment in the looper pedal industry, showcasing a product line that is a testament to Sheeran’s long-standing relationship with looper technology. Over the past decade, a looper pedal has been central to Sheeran’s musical identity, from his humble beginnings as an emerging singer-songwriter to his current status as a globally recognized music icon.

Ed Sheeran Loopers
Ed Sheeran Loopers

Signature Loopers

The introduction of Ed Sheeran’s signature looper pedals, given his history as a prominent advocate for this technology, was highly anticipated and speculated by fans and industry insiders alike. The collaboration with HeadRush, rather than continuing with Boss Loop Stations, signifies a bold step towards creating a stadium-level performance setup tailored to Sheeran’s vision.

Sheeran Loopers Looper +
Sheeran Loopers Looper +

Looper +

The lineup includes two innovative models: the Looper + Dual-Track and the Looper X Multi-Track Workstation. The Looper + Dual-Track is designed for simplicity and effectiveness, featuring a user-friendly interface with a 1.8” color screen and RGB LED loop status indicators, multiple looping modes, extensive connectivity options including USB and XLR inputs, and the ability to save up to 128 loops.

Sheeran Loopers Looper X
Sheeran Loopers Looper X

Looper X

On the other hand, the Looper X Multi-Track Workstation elevates the looping experience with eight footswitches, a 7” touchscreen for detailed feedback, unlimited looping layers, built-in multi-effects, and exceptional audio quality.

Sheerans Loopers

Ed Sheeran reflects on his looping journey, emphasizing the convenience and freedom it has brought to his performances. Inspired by early experiences with loopers, Sheeran’s goal was to simplify the setup for artists, allowing for spontaneous and flexible performances. His signature pedals achieve this and exceed expectations with their ease of use and sound quality.

Looping for everyone

These new products from Sheeran and HeadRush are set to redefine the standards for loopers, offering unparalleled features that cater to both seasoned musicians and newcomers to the looping scene. Despite the focus on Sheeran’s fanbase, the technical capabilities and accessibility of these pedals make them attractive to a broader audience of looping enthusiasts.

Priced at $299 for the Looper + and $1,199 for the Looper X, these pedals are premium options for those seeking the ultimate looping tool. Additional details and purchasing information are available on the Sheeran Loopers website.

This announcement follows closely on the heels of another significant release from Sheeran – the luxurious, hand-made Stadium Edition guitar by Lowden, further solidifying Sheeran’s impact on the music gear industry.

Available now at Thomann Looper + and Looper X


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