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Meris prEDITOR now available free to edit your LVX Modular Delay

Meris prEDITOR is a free editor for the award-winning LVX Modular Delay System. Adding Drag-and-Drop editing to Mac and PC via MIDI

The Meris prEDITOR is now available free to edit your LVX Modular Delay. Now available for free. Available for MAC and PC, this editor is a great new free tool for your Modular Delay pedal.

Meris prEDITOR

Today, the Meris prEDITOR was officially released, and it is designed to edit the LVX Modular Delay pedal via MIDI. Use a Mac or a PC to run the free editing software, which can deep dive into this award-winning delay pedal.


Using simple drag and drop methods, prEDITOR allows easy organization of presets and libraries and handles imports and exports. Making it an excellent tool for any owner of the LVX Modular Delay.

LVX Modular Delay
LVX Modular Delay

Presets Management

prEDITOR allows users to create presets, move them around, select their favorites, duplicate, swap, delete, assign their left and right favorites, import/export, access globals quickly, and organize libraries.

Meris prEDITOR

Key Features at a Glance

  • Import presets using drag-and-drop
  • Rename, duplicate, swap, export, delete, move around, and add descriptions/tags of presets
  • Instant R-click to reset preset (or blank a preset)
  • Drag and drop to copy or move entire banks
  • Import/export, create new, duplicate, and delete entire libraries
  • Drag and drop between libraries for easy organization in LIBRARY ORGANIZER
  • LIVE DEVICE sync and on-the-fly auditioning with safeguard editing
  • Assign your favorites bank using easy drag-and-drop
  • Quickly assign LF/RF (Left Favorite/Right Favorite)
  • Smoothly change parameters with an intuitive CATEGORIES section
  • Instant GLOBALS access
  • Always available FACTORY PRESETS


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