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Unveiling the Ed Sheeran Stadium Edition Guitar: A Masterpiece for the Stage

Unveiling the Ed Sheeran Stadium Edition Guitar- A Masterpiece for the Stage
Sheeran By Lowden presents the Ed Sheeran Stadium Edition limited edition acoustic guitar. An exclusive run of 150 guitars priced at £4500

For Ed Sheeran fans and acoustic guitar aficionados alike, Sheeran By Lowden presents the ultimate musical instrument: the Stadium Edition acoustic guitar. This exceptional guitar isn’t just any instrument; it’s a forensic replica of Ed Sheeran’s personal stage guitar, which accompanied him throughout his monumental Mathematics Tour.

Handcrafted Excellence and Limited Availability

Sheeran By Lowden, previously known for their mid-priced and accessible acoustic guitars, has ventured into artisanal craftsmanship with the Stadium Edition. This masterpiece is the brand’s first foray into entirely hand-built guitars, embodying the exquisite quality and attention to detail characteristic of Lowden’s premium acoustic guitar collection.

Sheeran has also launched a new signature series of Looper Pedals in collaboration with HeadRush, so he has had a busy week!

Ed Sheeran Stadium Edition Guitar

Limited Edition

Priced at £4,500, the ‘Stadium Edition’ limited edition acoustic offers an unparalleled blend of top-tier features in the compact and preferred ‘Wee Lowden’ (WL) profile by Ed Sheeran himself. George Lowden, a master luthier whose expertise shines through in this creation, expressed his pride in this collaboration and his hope that this guitar inspires musicians everywhere to embrace their creativity and passion.

Ed Sheeran Stadium Edition Guitar.jpg

Crafted for Clarity and Connection

The ‘Stadium Edition’ is designed with performance in mind, featuring a stage-ready thin body to combat feedback and ensure clarity of sound in any setting. The guitar boasts a revolutionary ‘Stadium Voicing’ soundboard, meticulously hand-carved to project every chord and note with pristine clarity.

Made from solid Sitka spruce with bracing to match and complemented by solid Indian rosewood on the back and sides, this guitar doesn’t just sound exceptional—it feels and looks the part, too. The mahogany neck, carved into a GL Standard shape and joined with a dovetail joint, supports a rosewood bridge and an ebony fretboard adorned with “Mathematics Tour” maple inlays for a personal touch.

A Piece of Musical History

Each of the limited 150 ‘Stadium Edition’ guitars worldwide is hand-signed by Ed Sheeran and George Lowden, making it a rare collectible that offers fans, collectors, and musicians a direct link to the magic of Ed Sheeran’s Mathematics Tour.

Alastair Simpson, Lowden Guitars’ head of sales and marketing, highlights this guitar as not just an instrument but a piece of pop-cultural history, embodying the spirit and energy of live performances.

Ed Sheeran hand signed Stadium Edition Guitar.jpg.jpg
Hand Signed

Available Now – A Legacy Within Reach

With only 150 units available globally and priced at £4,500, the Sheeran By Lowden ‘Stadium Edition’ is a significant investment in musical legacy. However, for those inspired by the aesthetic but mindful of budget, Sheeran By Lowden also offers the Tour Edition, capturing a similar essence at a more accessible price point.

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