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Tamura-Mod Level Boost TS9TMB: Vintage Tube Screamer Power with +6dB Boost

Godlyke Tamura-Mod Level Boost TS9TMB- Vintage Tube Screamer Power with +6dB Boost
Boost your Tube Screamer's output without changing its iconic sound. The Tamura-Mod Level Boost TS9TMB delivers +6dB of power for solos and driving your amp

A new limited edition Tamura-Mod Level Boost TS9TMB overdrive pedal has been announced. Susumu Tamura, the revered creator of the original Tube Screamer, teams up with Godlyke Distributing for the definitive level-boosted TS9. This meticulously crafted mod unlocks a +6dB output boost while safeguarding the pedal’s legendary sonic signature.

Tamura-Mod Level Boost TS9TMB

The classic Tube Screamer’s only drawback for many players is its modest output. The Tamura-Mod Level Boost TS9TMB overdrive pedal solves this elegantly.

Tamura employs a unique dual op-amp circuit built around the iconic Ibanez TS9 design. This preserves the core tone and gain structure, with a second op-amp stage cascading after the main circuit for a clean, powerful boost.

Recently, we have seen the TS808-TMv.2 and the Ibanez Tube Screamer 45th Anniversary versions of this classic overdrive.

Magic IC chip

Key to the mod’s authenticity is the use of the original “magic IC” chip, essential to that sought-after vintage Tube Screamer sound. This limited-edition pedal features Tamura’s signature and showcases his decades of expertise in overdrive circuit design.

Key Features:

  • +6dB output boost for cutting through the mix
  • Authentic Tube Screamer tone with Tamura’s “magic IC”
  • Unique dual op-amp design preserves the original character
  • Limited edition with hand-stamped faceplate and blue LED
  • Expands upon Tamura’s acclaimed TS808 mod legacy
With +6dB of Boost


This limited-edition overdrive pedal mod marks the latest Tamura/Godlyke collaboration, known for its meticulous attention to preserving classic tones.

If you are a fan of modded Tube Screamer TS9 pedals, then this is aimed at you, especially if you need that extra +6dB Boost.

MSRP – $299 / £266

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