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Enya Nova Go Sonic: Unleash Sonic Creativity with the Ultimate Smart Guitar

Break free from traditional limitations with the Enya Nova Go Sonic. This carbon-fibre smart guitar offers wireless amplification, onboard effects, and USB recording for limitless creativity anywhere.

Introducing the Enya Nova Go Sonic – where innovation meets guitar mastery. This carbon-fibre masterpiece shatters expectations with its onboard effects, wireless 10W speaker, and seamless app connectivity. Experience unmatched versatility, untethered freedom, and effortless recording for the modern guitarist.

Enya Nova Go Sonic

The Enya Nova Go Sonic uses a resilient carbon-fibre body that braves any environment and delivers extraordinary playing comfort with its lightweight design, much like the recent Harley Benton TravelMate guitars.

Enya Nova Go Sonic- Unleash Sonic Creativity with the Ultimate Smart Guitar
Enya Nova Go Sonic


Dual humbuckers unleash a vast spectrum of tones – from crisp cleans to roaring distortion – ready to conquer any musical genre. Explore endless sonic possibilities with onboard effects and fine-tune your sound precisely using the companion app. Capture your brilliance on the fly with USB recording.

Nova Go Sonic: Smart Carbon Fiber Electric Guitar | Enya

Amplified Freedom

Say goodbye to tangled cables – the integrated 10W speaker fills the room with rich, dynamic sound, perfect for practice, jamming, or impromptu performances. The compact, lightweight Nova Go Sonic becomes your constant songwriting and exploration partner, whether on the road or at home.

Enya Nova Go Sonic- Unleash Sonic Creativity with the Ultimate Smart Guitar integrated 10W speaker
Integrated 10W speaker

Craft Your Signature Sound

Experiment with a universe of effects and shape your unique tone directly from the app.  Instantly record your best ideas, anytime and anywhere, with effortless USB connectivity.

Additional Details

  • Ergonomic Design: The sculpted neck heel and asymmetric neck profile ensure smooth playability across the fretboard.
  • Durable Hardware: High-quality tuners and a tune-o-matic style bridge stabilise rock-solid tuning.
  • Stylish Finishes: Choose from sleek black or modern white satin finishes.


The Enya Nova Go Sonic costs $399. However, they currently have an introductory price of $349.

There’s ONE thing that really surprised me about this guitar - Enya Nova Go Sonic

Guitar Bomb Verdict

This Les Paul-shaped ‘smart guitar’ offers onboard effects, a 10W speaker with amplification, and app connectivity. It’s all helpful stuff, and it could make a good companion for guitar players on the move or new players looking for an all-in-one solution to use at home.

Carbon fibre travel guitars aimed at beginners and intermediate players are all the rage. Still, we aren’t sure if they are viable for more seasoned players looking for a quality instrument to tour with.

They are still appealing to many at this low price point, as they won’t break the bank.

More Information


Discover the Nova Go Sonic: Exploring the Preset Tones
I CAN'T Believe This Guitar is $350...A Budget "Les Paul" That is Surprising!
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