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Tubekløn and NEOKLØN: Jim Hagerman’s DIY Klon-Style Overdrive Pedal Kits

Experience the legendary 'mythical beast' overdrive with real tube warmth. TUBEKLØN delivers classic tone with enhanced midrange and authentic tube breakup at high gain. Easy assembly!

New Tubekløn and NEOKLØN DIY Hagermann Amplification pedal kits announced. Guitar effects legend Jim Hagerman puts his spin on the iconic ‘mythical beast’ overdrive pedal, offering two distinct options for discerning guitarists. Inspired by the recent JHS Notaklön kits, these new Klon-style overdrives offer DIY fans even more fun stompbox builds.


 This opamp-based design reimagines the classic overdrive circuit, delivering superior headroom and an ultra-quiet noise floor for pristine overdrive sounds. The NEOKLØN is an entirely re-imagined and re-vamped mythical beast overdrive pedal design with improved headroom and lower noise.

Neokløn - Mythical Beast Pedal Kit
Neokløn – Mythical Beast Pedal Kit


Experience the unparalleled sonic power of accurate tube clipping and sag with this innovative pedal. It harnesses the tonal magic of a 12AU7 tube to deliver that coveted ‘sparkly’ overdrive, perfect for cutting through any mix.

TUBEKLØN is the world’s first tube-based mythical beast overdrive pedal interpretation. After deconstructing the classic design, the minimum gain flat bandwidth feature was removed, instead offering that sweet midrange boost as the new minimum gain tone.

Based on the NEOKLØN architecture, the diode/opamp clipping stage was replaced by a triode, as was the summing stage, which now drives a passive tilt style tone control.

Tubekløn DIY kit
Tubekløn DIY kit

Build Your Kløn

Hagerman’s meticulous attention to detail shines through in NEOKLØN and TUBEKLØN, empowering guitarists to achieve their ideal overdrive expression. These kits are simple to build and should only take a short time to put together. Below, you can see the kit in action.

Key Features at a Glance

  • Classic overdrive, meticulously reimagined
  • Opamp and tube-based circuit designs
  • Enhanced headroom for undistorted clean tones
  • Ultra-low noise floor for pristine audio
  • True tube clipping and sag for rich, dynamic overdrive
  • Perfect for cutting through any mix

Gamma Radiatiøn

Hagermann Amplification also makes a kit of the Gamma Radiatiøn Transistor Distortion pedal. Giving guitarists three DIY kits to choose from in total.

Gamma Radiatiøn - Transistor Distortion Pedal Kit
Gamma Radiatiøn – Transistor Distortion Pedal Kit

DIY Pedal Kits

Elevate your sound with the TUBEKLØN overdrive pedal today for only $249/£201 each. The Neoklon and Gamma Radiatiøn —Transistor Distortion Kits are priced at £104 each.

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