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DSM Humboldt Simplifier X: Your All-In-One Ampless Rig

DSM Humboldt Simplifier X
Ditch your amp! The DSM Humboldt Simplifier X delivers legendary amp tones, pro-grade cab sims, studio-quality reverb, and flexible stereo routing in one compact analog powerhouse.

The DSM Humboldt Simplifier X reimagines the zero-watt amp experience. This all-analogue marvel packs the essence of iconic amps into an incredibly versatile pedalboard-friendly format. Discover studio-grade cab sims, onboard reverb, dual preamps, and many stereo routing options. It’s the key to unlocking professional, inspiring guitar sounds anywhere.

DSM Humboldt Simplifier X

The DSM Humboldt Simplifier X delivers on the promise of liberating your rig. Say goodbye to hauling heavy amplifiers and fussy microphone setups. This compact powerhouse replaces them all, streamlining direct-to-PA performances and simplifying recording sessions without sacrificing tone quality.

Analogue Heart, Digital Precision

DSM Humboldt’s commitment to analogue authenticity means you get that natural responsiveness and tactile feel of real tube amps. But the Simplifier X doesn’t shy away from tech; the onboard digital reverb adds a polished, professional touch to your sound with its carefully chosen room, plate, and ether textures.

DSM Humboldt Simplifier X
Stereo Rig

A Wealth of Amp Legends

Explore six meticulously crafted preamp voicings across two fully independent channels.

  • Channel A delivers those high-gain hot-rod tones, channelling the AC Brit TB (think classic ’60s VOX), the fiery USA Rod, and the iconic MS800 crunch.
  • Channel B revisits those foundational classics – the chimey AC Brit, the warm USA (modelled on a ’59 Bassman), and the mighty MS Brit for soaring Plexi sounds.

Stereo Magic – Your Way

The Simplifier X redefines flexibility with three distinct operational modes:

    • Full Parallel: Unleash the full potential of stereo, shaping unique soundscapes by blending two amps simultaneously.
    • A/B Switching: Create vast sonic depth by toggling between amps while effects and cabinet simulations pan left and right seamlessly.
    • Dual Mono: The go-to live performance mode where each amp functions independently for quick, dynamic, on-the-fly switching.

Studio and Stage Ready

The Simplifier X’s connectivity options cater to any scenario. Pristine XLR DI outputs simplify live mixing, while 1/4″ outputs (with cab sim bypass) let you use your favourite real guitar cabinets. The dedicated dry signal path is a dream for re-amping, and the headphones output ensures silent practice sessions.

Built to Last

DSM Humboldt understands the rigours of the road. The Simplifier X boasts a rugged aluminium-alloy enclosure with a striking sandblasted frosted black, ready to handle countless gigs and recording sessions.

Pricing and Availability

The DSM Humboldt Simplifier X is available now for £499/$499. Visit the DSM Humboldt website to explore its full potential.

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