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Gibson Dual Falcon 20: Where Classic Tone Meets Modern Versatility

Gibson Dual Falcon 20: Where Classic Tone Meets Modern Versatility
The Gibson Dual Falcon 20 delivers vintage-inspired sounds with the versatility today's players demand. Two channels, lush reverb, tremolo, Multi-Watt power scaling, and Mesa/Boogie design influence.

Gibson’s resurgence in amplifier design reaches a new peak with the Dual Falcon 20 2×10 combo. This collaborative effort with Mesa/Boogie delivers the soul of vintage Gibsons infused with innovations for the contemporary player.

Dual Falcon 20

These new Dual Falcon 20 2×10 models follow on from the initial release back in January of the Falcon 5 and Falcon 20 combos.

At the heart of the Dual Falcon 20 lies its two-channel design. Each channel boasts independent Volume, Tone, and foot-switchable Reverb controls, allowing you to craft two distinct, instantly accessible sounds. Whether you need crystal-clear cleans and bluesy overdrive or a pair of driven rock tones, the Dual Falcon 20 delivers with ease.

Premium Components, Exquisite Sound

The Dual Falcon 20’s sonic excellence stems from its top-shelf components. A pair of Jensen Blackbird speakers translate every nuance with clarity and warmth. The onboard tremolo adds a vintage shimmer, while the lush spring reverb infuses your playing with spaciousness – both effects easily controlled via footswitch.

Gibson Dual Falcon 20

Adapt and Conquer Any Stage

From bedroom to studio to gig, the Dual Falcon 20 shines. Gibson’s Multi-Watt technology lets you select between 15, 6, or 2 watts of output power, making it a perfect fit for any situation. Need lower volume for practice or recording? Switch to a lower power mode. Want to fill a room with glorious tube tone? Crank it to full power.

Gibson Dual Falcon 20

The Mesa/Boogie Touch

The flexibility doesn’t stop there. Swap out the stock 6L6 power tubes for 6V6s to alter the amp’s character for a smoother, more compressed feel. This level of customization, a hallmark of Mesa/Boogie, is a welcome addition to the Gibson lineage.

Built to Inspire

The Dual Falcon 20 embodies the classic Gibson aesthetic with its Cream Bronco vinyl, Oxblood grille cloth, and chrome accents. The build quality is exceptional, with hand-wired construction in California ensuring long-lasting reliability.

Gibson Falcon amp range
Gibson Falcon amp range


The Gibson Dual Falcon 20 is an investment in superior tone and unparalleled flexibility. Priced at £2,449 / $2,199, it’s a must-try for guitarists seeking a timeless sound with features to match. Discover your sonic potential with the Dual Falcon 20 at your local Gibson dealer.

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